Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks a lot

God!!! Its been a long year.. I had a really great time, no matter on facebook, in school, even at my home.Life is just like that, you take what you want, but you learn what you do not want...
Well... that awkward moment... when your long lost dream comes back to you after 12 years... AVIATION... I lost you when I was 5 years old and i took it back at 16!~ Quite long, isn't it? Throughout these years i still love them, but I never express them to public. I never wrote "pilot" in my ambition book during Kindergarten and Primary School. But I do now, in my heart's ambition book.
Thanks to the ones who care for me... to the ones who lighten up my day... to the ones who shared experiences with me... to the ones who taught me how to make choices in my life... to the family I loved.... to the relatives who helped me... to the friends who betrayed me and made my life prosperous.... to the ones that gave me advice... to the ones who cheer me up when I am sad... to the overseas friends who are so friendly to me... to my aunt that gives me chances to know more friends... to the principal who makes me understand what love is... to the ones that are with me everytime, appreciating me and caring for me. THANK YOU ALL

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