Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks a lot

God!!! Its been a long year.. I had a really great time, no matter on facebook, in school, even at my home.Life is just like that, you take what you want, but you learn what you do not want...
Well... that awkward moment... when your long lost dream comes back to you after 12 years... AVIATION... I lost you when I was 5 years old and i took it back at 16!~ Quite long, isn't it? Throughout these years i still love them, but I never express them to public. I never wrote "pilot" in my ambition book during Kindergarten and Primary School. But I do now, in my heart's ambition book.
Thanks to the ones who care for me... to the ones who lighten up my day... to the ones who shared experiences with me... to the ones who taught me how to make choices in my life... to the family I loved.... to the relatives who helped me... to the friends who betrayed me and made my life prosperous.... to the ones that gave me advice... to the ones who cheer me up when I am sad... to the overseas friends who are so friendly to me... to my aunt that gives me chances to know more friends... to the principal who makes me understand what love is... to the ones that are with me everytime, appreciating me and caring for me. THANK YOU ALL

Friday, June 3, 2011

Me Learning Cantonese!

I have been to Hong Kong for 3 times... They do talk Chinese to me but I don't understand what are they talking in Cantonese, I always have to guess the meaning. So, I searched for Online Cantonese lessons, i choose this website : Free Cantonese Lessons because it is easy, and audio examples are also ready so I can pronounce them well. Well, i did learn lots of basics, like "nay hou mah?" "seen san cheeng mun" "ngoh hou jung yee nay"..... but it has limited access... i want to learn the more complex ones, so that I can communicate with other people in Hong Kong in Cantonese.. I did want to learn things like: "How much is tis shirt?" "May I know how to go to the MRT station?" "Excuse me Miss" "How much is the taxi fare?".............. but it is far better than other sites which only shows the pronounciation but no voice.... and this site keeps repeating and repeating the same sentence to make things easier. So if anybody want to learn Chinese or Cantonese here, I recommend this website... Free Cantonese Lessons Free Chinese Lessons Learn Cantonese slang Learn Cantonese vocabulary. ---> Thank you for the knowledge and I hope u give us more.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

China-UK College, Shenzhen Class 7B 2hr listening

Its such a good environment to study.... I hope Tshung Tsin is like tis too..... see me?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China-UK College
China frens~ Countin from left...
1 董家幸
2 王家亮
3 (我)Me!
4 代俊锋
5 封光宏
6 (UP)-周立仁
sorry i forgot the down one.... :-)
I'm BACK.... 20 days ago.... ahah.. its fun there... dun miss KK... reali
SHENZHEN~ Went to Happy Valley, Window Of The World, meet those new frens in China-UK College..SHOPPING
HONG KONG~ On stage... Appreciation Education Club.. Schools...SHOPPING
GUANGZHOU~ Appreciation Education Office Branch... SHOPPING AGAIN

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sorry So Long No Post

* 20 November- My Birthday *
sorry guys, I dont celebrate my birthday.... but I expect to see few messages on my phone :-)
Dont forget...
So nervous---- 26th November---- 9 December I m goin to Shenzhen and Hong Kong ( in air asia) with Xing Zhi Members.... OOOhhh... 4 years sudah no sit on plane .....
And to Sidney HAng: see my blog title, I saw tat u failed then I write this title.... keep it up... try again... U can do it, rite? :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Post

This post is at school.... Teacher let us surf the internet! Wooh1!!!! :-)))
Nothin to say... jux very borin... ANDREW!!!!! cant u STOP showing me GAMES all THE time!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm so Sad I FAILED MY KUMON TEST! I had TO RETEST!!! I hate I I hate I!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~ good day

Today is Elliot's birthday, and It's great!
His house is beautiful, I like the dogs and the rabbits and the fishes (pity- not goldfish), I like the garden (although not as big as ours), I like their house's neat and clean....
Although they didn't prepare games this year, he did some performances with the piano. I think he did it awesome... :-)
The food is also delicious ! ( too bad i didnt eat the drumstick ) There were like spaghetti, barbeque, pineapple pie...
The cakes, they look good, (Unfortunately I hate Durians ) I like the cheese cake+ chocolate~ ( i hoped was Chocolate Indulgence ).
The present I gave him is a ~~~~~~~~~~~ TISSUE BOX, jux afraid he would cry.. ( no larh! kiddin ). I gave him a Book called INSIDE NARNIA and an angpau of RM50( not sure ), i wish he will like them :-)
.Anyway, it's jux a very amusing party.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Goldfish died~ Adwerd ( not cursing )... on 9/9/09

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great Day!

My Nokia Herrens@ came back from more than a week of OPERATION in Damai! Yeah! My bay! My phone! Welcome home, Herrens@! ( the theme had changed from red to blue, its really nice though, a RED-coloured phone with a BLUE-coloured theme.. :-D )
Now the one I had to wait is HLueight@, the one sleeping and mayb, suffering in teacher's secret place of doom, maybe
Wish I could get good marks in Science and Bahasa Malaysia, these subjects are what I'm worrying about u know... :-) Good LUCK!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Lost Babies...

My 1st Baby, Nokia 5320 XM


(in service)

27th January 2009

My 2nd Baby, W595i

(protected by teacher)
16th August 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ESTIMATION WRONG!!! HAHAHA!!! Not funny... Tat Wong chee leong bhax... he made teacher so angry by not respecting her and annoying her... and yet he doesnt want to apologize! And yet I had to cover up the problem for him by apologizing to the teacher. And so the teacher asked me the reason for HELPING him??? Who wants to help him? 1 day I help him is the 1 day I go die... My Phone!!! I MUST get it back b4 the holidays... and its only 3 days left! T.T

Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Mysterious W595i ~

My wish came true yesterday, i wished I could have a new handphone... and I really had one!

This is the MYSTERIOUS thing I found out about the phone... Sony Ericsson W595i Date of Birth: 16/8/2009 ~~~~ 8+8=16 :-) & " Day 8 after 8/8/09 Nokia 5320 "death". T.T

Time of Birth: 8:08pm... No kidding! :-)

Price: RM888, real... you check for yourself! :-)

Shop: 1Borneo Sony Ericsson Service Center, just beside the Cinema.

Date of Phone Caught by Teacher: 17/8/2009 ~~~~ 17= 1+7=8

Estimate: Maybe the day that teacher give me back the phone is 18/8/2009, that's tomorrow! Wish! The Power of 8!

Reason/Conclusion: Power of 8.... weird, isn't it?

The " Birth " of Second Babe

Haiz... just too ashamed and sad to tell you that... my baby is dying, i mean, phone... Herrens@Nokia 5320 XpressMusic- that's HIS name... he... he was in a coma on 8/8/09 but it woke up itself, then fell to sleep again... but from 10th onwards, never heard from him. He's confirmed ( maybe not ) DEAD T.T
Until Yesterday, my mum bought a new phone for me... the Second Baby... There's something very mysterious about this phone when I bought it. All people who believe in The Power of 8 should see this. ( next post )
CONTINUE: Its a black-orange Sony Ericsson WALKMAN W595... I havent named it yet ( HIM )...

I'm very ashamed... I'm such a show off! I hate MYSELF! HATE MYSELF!!!! The teacher ( Mrs Yong ) caught me and took away my Baby Walkman!! Just 1 day, then its gone. How I wish the teacher would give it back to me asap.. T.T
Show off me... Haiz... Stupid me! I hate SHOW off NOW!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Singing? I like it, but my voice seems to get sore when I reach to high tone. I'm also thinking of joining the Gold Mic. Competition. Singing? There ain't much songs for me, because NO LOVE SONGS ARE ALLOWED! I'm better in singing these, u see. Some which are not love songs, and I can sing quite well, it will be either too boring or the time is too LOOONGGG.................. It should be around 5 minutes, thats too long.... the limit is around 3 minutes, So Ba Bui! I wish I can sing melodiously.... I believe in my self.... :-) JIA YOU!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

BZ week...

Its all so bz this week, it seems 70 years to me... Happy, sad, depressed, excited, nervous, relief....
I've being all studying at having tuition from Monday to Thursday... ( favourite Kumon ), Friday we were having Science addition afternoon class, but Jonah Bernard Cheeyi Tang Xin Peckpeck and I went to City Mall for some shopping ( Dad and Mom doesn't know ). Mom saw me walking in KUmon, but she didnt see me getting down from the tzxi. Whoah! What a close shave! She will tear me to pieces in Kumon if she sees it.
I was late for Kumon. Even Elliot is earlier than me! and found out that Kumon is closing down to prevent the H1N1 decease. TOO BAD!!! I dunno why I love Kumon SOO MUCHHH!!!No wonder the classroom is empty and outside is so full... of parents and students taking homework... I m taking a test tat day, F test! Only me and a teacher in the classroom...so quiet...so HOT!!! A bit curious why Elliot keeps coming in and out 10 times a minute.Wrong 5...
U noe, i took 22 books of homework, whole bunch fro G to H20! H? H? Am I so incredibly fast? C to H in 1 month?
Saturday, TUITION!!! Then after studying in the evening... dressed handsomely, i liked my clothing( i should have take a picture of myself and displayed it at my blog, somehow i hate my present Blog Photo ) headed to our school for THE TSHUNG TSIN NIGHT... Wui she! So nice! I admire those singers and those graceful dancers... I like the closing ceremony , the music, the pace....the most, but after i had to go home... u know how disappointed i was. i cant bear to leave there. ( missed my television programme - Blue Crystal ) :-(
And today Sunday, no shopping! OOOOO..... Studying all day! Haiz... very boring though, hear some MP3s during studying... arranged my room, a bit nicer.... The school work, Kumon homework, Books... packed and organized neatly in a shelf of itself... I felt more relaxing after seeing my room sparkling clean.
How busy i was? My goldfish was poorly starving... sorry, juz too much to do tis week, so cant play with u... BB see u in the next post.. :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Heclo had released its numbers codes from 0-9.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Why I am So stupid? The Heclo should be kept for PRIVACY and TOP SECRETS!!! Now u noe wat, I told Sidney..... AHHHH!!!!!!! Why I am so stupid? She forced me to tell, why I want to tell her!!!!!! I'm scared that she will pick up my book and decode all the Heclo codes and knew my TOP SECRETS & PROBLEMS!!!! WHY????? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! What a "clare-clever"!!! :-((((.... T.T

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


BAD WEEK!!!! :-(





Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuition ~ At last ~~~~~

Yeah!!!!! Thanks to God! I'm going tuition for MAthematics.... Yahoo!!!
In Kumon... the one near our school. That place gave me comfort because the first time I went in there, i didn't feel afraid at all...... Took the Math Primary 6 test... but....
The only problem is that I am taking Primary 3 level... Shhhh!!!! Sarah, the teacher said I had to cut off some time to finish my homework, meaning that my working or draft is toooo long.... I take Primary 3 because I wasted 4 minutes in the Entrance Test.
If I do more, mayb I would be Primary 4, thn 5, 6 then finally Form 1, but I am just wondering... How long does it take? 3 months, 6 months, 8 months, or less than 2 months? Dunno
My mom said she would send me to English tuition in Kumon too!!! How I wished to!!!
The second tuition, is Science, which will be starting next Tuesday, in our class form teacher's house... That's great, at least I have a "Jie Jie" to talk to... but wouldnt it be better if I concentrate and without being disturbed by " Jie Jie "??? Yes it will be....
But I think I'm goin to have the worst tuition of all, which is now my parents are searching high and low for them...
Noooo!!!!! Any subject you like, but not these... Chinese maybe can larh! But ART, it gives me the creeps...
MALAY??? Oh, I think I'm going to pass out!!!!
Besides these 2 unbearable tuitions, the others, The More The Better.... My mom is just complaining about the fees, that's all! I want to learn piano, but my mom won't allow me.. :-(
Thanks to God for the tuitions he gave me!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is HAPPENING to me??????

What I had recently become? I ought to be happy and cheerful for the first week of school, but it seems like I am having quite a Hard time... I have some problems in my heart and I keep thinking of it all the time... Even today when I was suffering from anger and disappointment, the teacher called me to answer questions. I don't know what I am doing, I just stood there, scolded by the teacher : " Hector, why you look so serious today? Hah? " I even prayed to God to help me but it seems to get worse. I didn't mean that I am blaming God, but I don't know what I had done wrong. Why am I feeling so miserable? I know the reason, but I just can't stop thinking of it and concentrate. Too free? Ya, I want some Tuition!!!! Any subject, but not Malay. But my mom will be sending me to Malay tuition few months later... But that's not the problem!!!! It has to do with CLASS. Haiz....... Even now & sometimes even going to doze off, those problems are still whirling in my mind... I tried to push them away and think of sth positive, but that's sth I am not good at! Anyway, I will try to do that until I truly let go and forget about it..... <><><><><><><><><>

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friends are THESE
When your precious drop of water falls on me,
My eyes become blur and hard to see~
When your sunny smile shines on me,
My day will be easy to be~
When your anger pours on me,
I will bow down to you until my knee~
When your sorrow lands on me,
My precious drops of water will land onto your feet until you see...~~~
How much I treat U as a ...
F= Faithful to each other
R= Respecting each other
I= Importance
E= Earnest to each other
N= Needs you
D= Deeds
A friend in NEED is a friend inDEED... :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To God The Father

To the little, pitiful God I make my prayer,
The God with the long grey beard
And flowing robe fastened with a hempen girdle
Who sits nodding and muttering on the all-too-big throneof Heaven.
What a long, long time, dear God, since you set thestars in their places,
Girded the earth with the sea, and invented the day andnight.
And longer the time since you looked through the bluewindow of Heaven
To see your children at play in a garden....Now we are all stronger than you and wiser and morearrogant,
In swift procession we pass you by.
"Who is that marionette nodding and muttering
On the all-too-big throne of Heaven?
Come down from your place, Grey Beard,
We have had enough of your play-acting!"
It is centuries since I believed in you,
But to-day my need of you has come back.
I want no rose-coloured future,
No books of learning, no protestations and denials--
I am sick of this ugly scramble,
I am tired of being pulled about--
O God, I want to sit on your knees
On the all-too-big throne of Heaven,
And fall asleep with my hands tangled in your greybeard.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

:-D :-) :-P

~ If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme ~
~ Discover the Amazing Power of 8 ~
Have you discovered it yet? :-D ~ 8,888 Real Wishes ~
~ Real Wishes Do Come True ~ ~ 11:11 & 8888 Grants Wishes
~ Believe ~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~The Mount Kinabalu Trip~

On 6th June, my auntie, together with her husband, children and grandmother planned to bring me to Mount Kinabalu for 2 days 1 night trip. ( So disappointing we did not climb it )... :-( Anyway, we're happy :-)
Hey! Who's this? Oh she's my pesky cousin... She raised our fun during our trip by eating NERDS SWEETS to make her tongue green... Woo!

Mount Kinabalu is so gigantic when we went there. The weather is fine that day, so we're lucky. That pesky cousin said if you look at Mount Kinablu carefully, you can figure out a shape of a man with his arms folded lying down... But the stupid me just can't figure it out! Hmm.....

After a few hours drive, we passed by National Park. Auntie said this time the chalet we're living is even smaller.. Oh No!! We're driving up the hill to Perkasa Hotel. We're living in one of the 24 chalets opposite it... I like the scenery, the trees, the flowers... I just can't have the time to take photos.

Crossing the bridge, having a pose... Cheese!!! Behind auntie is the chalets.

Before entering our small chalet, we explored the back of Perkasa Hotel's beautiful garden. we didn't stay too long because there's a wedding going on there. :-) My aunt(left) and grandma (right). Is my aunt beautiful?

Now who's this? You mean the very Naughty one? Yes you're right! She's the sister of the pesky cousin... Don't you know what's she doing now? She is trying to avoid the camera!!

Our chalet's room number is 7! My unkucky number! Our neighbour is 8... We should be living in that magical number! Remember?

Taking a snapshot in front of the chalet!! Heh! My aunt said " The Photographer ", my cousin was just ruining all the photos, so she gave me a chance to be " The Photographer "! She didn't say anything when she saw the photo. :-)?

Oh goodness!!! My crazy "EEEE" photo!!! HA HA!!! I always take this type of photo everywhere I go... Because this face is our favourite " Photo Face Pose "!!! Hahaha!!

In the evening, we went to a nearby reataurant named """ forgot!!! But the food there was so scrumptious that I ate 1 plate of fish and chips, 1 plate of fried rice and 1 cup of Milo. My relatives thought I ate too much so before I eat, they take some food away for themselves!!! ;-C

That's the 1st day!


I fell in deep sleep for 5 seconds until I realized that it was morning! I saw everyone had disappeared I got up and was relieved to see the pesky cousin on the other bed and grandma and me. It's almost 8 at that time. The others had all gone to see Mount Kinabalu view in front of our chalet. Here are some photos I took.

After having breakfast, we went to the Flower Garden. It's actually a restaurant in front but as you walk down a rocky path you'll find a big shed full of flowers. The staircases are so wide apart you have to walk clunging onto something... Which we were having a hard time to take all those photos. Beside the shed is a LARGE planting area for vegies. You can see the workers busy planting, watering and plucking the vegatables and sell them to the visitors.

Mount Kinabalu from the Flower Garden, it's getting cloudy!

We should thank these farmers for all those vegetables and hard work. Thank you!

Flower Photos! ( We took half an hour's time to take all these pretty ones )

After that, we visited the National Park for just 20 minutes, then we left. So, we did not do much there... ~ We went home, tired and dizzy ~

I just don't feel like wanting to go home. The scenery is so beautiful, the mountain is so gigantic, I can't even want to leave there... But... I have to... school...

~ Thats All ~

~ The End ~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hector: Don't you think that plan went very well? Hmm... impressive...
Friend: I think... I think it needs...
Hector: Quiet! Did I ask you to answer?
Friend: You asked me something did you?
Hector: Shhhhh!!! That's a rhetorical question! Don't you know what a rhetorical question is?
Friend: Yes, I think it means...
Hector: No! No! No! That's a rhetorical question too!!! [sigh]
Friend: ...
Hector: Now don't just stand there and wait! Can't you lend me a hand in this?
Friend: Uhhh... Is that a rhetorical question?
Hector: No it isn't!
(Got that?) Shh! That's a rhetorical question! Think of it yourself... :-D

HECTOR DIY Dictionary ~ :-))

1. VG - abbreviation of Virus Girl. A girl who is wicked and somehow ( Insane )...
2. PBSM - abbreviation of Persatuan Budak Sakit Mental. Crazy people...
3. kalaktai xii - Forget about it!!! Armpit!!!
4. air pollution - The raising of an armpit ( kalaktai xii ), some MAY NOT smell too good!
5. BMW - abbreviation of Big Mouth Woman. She's a teacher, you know! Think about how she brushes her teeth...
6. Glass / Wall - an action to stop people from argueing or sometimes, Crazy Talks.
7. Climwitted - Dimwitted, Stupid.
8. SMS - SHHHH!!! Top Secret....
other top secret DIY's are SMS, CCA, CSA, SS, ET ( joking ). :-P

Friday, June 5, 2009

Three Happy Goldfish

3 Fookfook Goldfish

You know, I won a tiny itsy-bitsy goldfish during the 2009 Bazaar, SO HAPPY!!!

1. Adwerd Lo Fook You 罗福友 090222=18=5288 ( so sad, after 7 months of hard work taking care of this one, it died on 9/9/09 )
2. Terabithia 罗 福 丽 090516~08~5852
3. Fantail 罗 福 爱 090307~08~5585 (died 5/10/09)

4. Une Lo Fook Yoon 罗福芸 090405=18=5660 (Not included in list because it died few hrs ago) 5. Lovelace 罗 福 珑 090318~08~5186

6. Elluce 罗 福 友 090719~08~5888

Fireflies-- Owl City